Friday, September 02, 2005


I am back in New York. I miss Italy. People in this city take themselves too seriously most of the time and don't know how to have fun. Maybe I was just born on the wrong side of the world. I've been home 2 weeks. My first week back was orientation, but I skipped the entire thing to snort lines off Matt's coffee table and hang out with my friends. Two nights ago I blazed in central park for like 2 hours, first time. Can you believe it? I was pretty messed up and paranoid though, and I kept having these weird visions of those horse-drawn carraiges running over my legs. And last night I went to some club/lounge on the upper east side. Knew the dj, so got in really quickly and there were alot of free drinks, which was cool. I'm kind of getting sick of New York though. Living in Europe for the summer just made me realize what assholes most New Yorkers are. Everyone's so concerned with status: who's wearing the newest bag, whos fucking who, who has the newest blackberry, who can get into which club. Give me a fucking break. At least I'll be on the beach this weekend.


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