Friday, September 16, 2005


It's almost 6am and I am still tipsy. I have the make-up smudged across my eye and hiccupps to prove it. Last night, or a few hours ago really, I went to the oppening of a new club here in the city. We were on the guestlist but it didn't even matter. We just walked past the velvet rope, got a stamp and started drinking like we were 21. The key to nightlife in this town is really just who you know and how you work it. Age is just a number, really. Nobody cares if your still in highschool and have an exam 4 hours later at 9am sharp.
Anyways, I was disappointed in myself I literally had four drinks and I was wasted. I vmited in the middle of this club opening, about 4 times. In the middle of the dance floor, on a plant, on my friends shoes, on the middle of the dancefloor again. etc. I feel like such an embaressment. 3 drinks, only 3 drinks. Cannot mix my alcohols, never miss your alcohols. I even vomited in my sleep. And I fell asleep with all my clothes on, Stuart Weitzman sandals and all. And when I just woke up to mee, I noticed two vomit staint in my doorway. Sick. I'll get those later.
I have no idea why I'm writing this. I'm still tipsy and sould really be in bed or something. I just felt like there was something I should say. Maybe I forgot? Maybe I'm just a drunken idiot.
okay, goodnight
or, goodmorning for most


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