Friday, September 16, 2005


Quitting smoking is a bitch. How do people do it? The patch leaves yellow stains on my arm and chewing all that gum seriously makes my whole face ache. I successfully stopped smoking for one day this week, but I'm back on. It is just un-thinkable for me to have a cocktail and not have a smoke right after.
Going off coke is even worse. Jesus, two days and I wanted to rip all my hair out. I guess the worst of the worst though has to be speed. Awful, just awful.
I'm on the phone with Bri right now. She's telling me about the guys at the club last night. She met the owners and they let her smoke weed in the office at the club. But they were assholes and afterwards tried to proposition here. They offered her $500 to dance for them. Jesus, I miss everything when I get wasted.
Tonight I'm taking it easy and going to CMJ with Seth. The line-up for CMJ is really bad this year, but it's always fun to go to a diner with your friends afterwards and talk about how much the band sucked.


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