Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Smoking my nasty cigarette on my balcony, I saw the cutest most stylish couple walking down from third avenue. The guy was holding the girl and rubbing her arm in that oh-so-cute way. And it's little things like that at 3am when I'm still tipsy that kind of make me wish I had a boyfriend. And even though the girl was drunk and walking crooked, it was still cute when they stopped on the street to kiss for a few minutes. Her head was rolling back a bit, but it was still cute. And while hanging out drinking and eating pizza till 2am with your friends on a Monday night can be a ton of fun, having a boyfriend might be fun too. We'd walk down past Gramercy Park at 3am, it would be so old New York romantic. And it wouldn't matter that I had class at 9am and I still have to write two essays, we'd roll around in the sheets until dawn. Nothing would matter because we would be in love.

okay, enough of this sappy crap. I've got 2 papers to write and class in 4 hours.


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