Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday nights

Last night I went to a party at my friend Chuck's house. He lives in a small 2 bedroom apartment by Lincoln Center. But I love his apartment because his kitchen has more liquor bottles than most New York City bars and he's always cool with me helping myself. There was alot of blunt rolling and a lot of me dancing outside white Tim and Bri sang spice girl songs. I met a lot of cool people who's names I now forget. I drank too much and I would have vomited but I had no dinner. I don't really eat so much anymore, I'm not sure why that is either. All I ate was breakfast yesterday and on Saturday I just had a Starbucks and a pretzel at Across the Narrows. Interpol was amazing. I love that they chain smoke during all their sets. Me and Amanda were dancing the entire time. Nobody dances at concerts anymore. I think not enjoying yourself is part of the hipster creedo.
I woke up today and decided it was too nice out to go all the way to Brooklyn and sit in class for 5 hours. I met Josh at his apartment and we did bong hits on his balcony for about 30 minutes straight. Then we walked to Central Park. On the way there, we saw Matt Damon on Lexington Ave. I screamed something like "Will Hunting was a pussy." He gave us the dirtiest look ever. I'm such a scumbag. I don't belong on the Upper East Side. Then we saw this old woman in a wheel chair racing down 5th avenue. She must have been going 60 mph. When she rolled by we started singing 'head out on the highway...' When we got to Central Park and ate some ice cream. Then we sat behind the boathouse and smoked some more. There were these people behind us making out and some tourists having a picnic. Neither seemed to mind the fact that we were blazing about 5 feet away from them. I was really high at that point and thought I was sinking into the grass. Then I kept thinking all those horse-drawn carraiges were cop cars, so we left.
I met Amanda in Soho and we talked about our boy problems for a few hours while shopping. Then we met Bri in Union Square. They shopped for shoes for way too long. Bri bought 7 pairs of boots. No joke. All of my friends are starting to get into relationships. Why do I have a feeling my winter is going to be cold and lonely? Ugh, I sound like such a loser. I'm writing this entry because all I can think about is coke and how I haven't done it in such a long time. I guess 5 days is a long time.


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