Friday, December 09, 2005

the first snowfall

The four of us met at 10 P.M. and started to do drugs immedietly. We spent the entire night sitting on that floor, passing around mirrors. But it was all irrelevant until at 6:30 AM when we realized we had somehow gone through an entire carton of cigarettes. I put on a pair of sweatpants and a pair of slippers and decided to make the trip. It was snowing heavily, at least an inch had to be on the ground. When I got back to the apartment my shoes were completely soaked, the front of my pants wet and cold, snow covering the entirety of my head, and falling down in between each eyelash. But I didn't care because for those two blocks everything was in its right place, including me. And I was reminded just how much I love New York. And for a moment I forgot my friends and the drugs I was consumed with 10 minutes prior. All I could think was, I have to write this down, while the moment is still here.

We spend all night doing coke to try and feel alive then an unexpected snow storm outside is what really does the trick. I think they call it irony?


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