Friday, December 02, 2005

4aqm thursday night

Thursday night, the real final night to go out if your a New Yorker. The weekends are bullshit. Fat girls from new jersey, ugly Jews from Long Island. Fuck you idiots. Leave my East Village. you abercrombie wearing, Miller Light drinkintg fucks. Stop being drunk on my street. Thats only reseved to the people that live here, you fucks.
Tonight was a weird night. I can't even remember rerall. I am typing really fast. It went something like: coke, rock candy, au bar, coke, marquee, weed, free pizza. I love boys. Even when you hate them and their asshole. You just can't hate them. Sometimes they just make you feel so fucking good. Your family and friends just can't do that, no matter what they say. I met a guy I liked, which is rare. I stole a church sign off Park Avenue. I made out with my friends doorman. I think. Okay, lets just pretend I forget that. I flashed a streetworker. Yea, boobs and everything. I walked down Madison in my bra. I smoked weed laced with PCP on my friends roof, barefoot. I drank 3 apple martinis and 2 vodka tonics. I smoked almost an entire pack of cigarettes. And I ate 3 slices of pepperoni pizza.
Did I mention I spent 20 dollars total? Including my $11 taxi to the east village home. Yea, having a vagina rules.
Now I'm off to sniff another 4 lines and then fuck my boyfriendd. Yea, life rules.
P.S. I saw Dennis Rodman at Marquee. His piercings are scary, like 4 in his nose alone, but hes cool. Ugly, but dating that really hot victoria secret model.
Why is being naked under a guys big brooks brothers dress shirt just, so fucking hot?
Ugh, I might come before he makes it.


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